Fill in the blank Friday: Johnson Style

Fill in the blank Friday: Johnson Style

What do you like most about your job?

Scotty: Listening
Kari: The funny things that Lila and Hannah say

Favorite place you have ever been

Scotty: Zihuatenajo, Mexico
Kari: Mayne Island, British Columbia

Who do you think is the funniest person in the family?

Scotty: I am of course, not Isaac
Kari: So Isaac wins for funny annoying, and funny most consistently, Scott wins for being the funniest the longest.

Before I can go to bed I have to

Scotty: Thoroughly brush my teeth
Kari: pee

Favorite pass-time/ hobby

Scotty: Fly Fishing
Kari: uhhh, reading

Place you still want to go:

Scotty: Alaska with Jessie to fly fish
Kari: Greece to reenact “Mama Mia”
Favorite type of music

Scotty: Americana
Kari: Country and instrumental folk

The one thing I can not leave the house without is

Scotty: my iPhone
Kari: my sense of humor

The best thing about being a dad/mom

Scotty: Imparting…
Kari: The constant appreciation and accolades

If I were to choose my last meal ever it would be

Scotty: Taco Salad
Kari: My dads pancakes, my sisters apple pie, my mother in laws ginger cookies, my moms rigatoni, Eden’s lemon tarts


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