Sunday Blessing

Sunday Blessing:

This selection from A Book of Everyday Prayers by William Barclay seemed to call out to me tonight. This weekend has brought news of death, illnesses, and made me ever more aware of the daily gift life is.


O God, our Father, who hast bidden us to pray for all men, we remember at evening time those who specially need our prayers.

Bless those who are lonely, and who feel their loneliness worst of all at evening time.

Bless those who are sad, and who at evening feel most of all the absence of some one whom they loved, and lost awhile.

Bless those who are ill, and who will not sleep this night; and those who this night will wake to ease the sufferer’s pain.

Bless those who have no home, and no family circle to call their own.

O God, who art everywhere present, bless this our home, and help us to remember that Jesus is always are unseen guest, and so help us never in this place to do or say anything which would make Him sad to see.

Keep us this night in the dark hours, and grant us kindly sleep, and make us to feel around us and about us and about us the clasp of the everlasting arms, which will never let us go: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


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