Managing Monday’s: End of the School Year Teacher Appreciation

Managing Monday’s: End of the School Year Teacher Appreciation

I am a huge fan of all educators. Paid, volunteer, public, private, you name it I am thankful. I do what I can to let my kids teachers know how much I value them. Through their years in grade school I have had teachers fill out a form asking how I can best assist and appreciate them. I blogged about this in September if you are interested in going back to see my template. As Middle Schoolers, I was more behind the scenes and more anonymous with my appreciation going through the PTA or PTO to make my contribution. I was responsible for once a month little surprises for the teachers and staff. I have included some of the idea’s we did that were inexpensive but fun and let the teachers and staff know we were aware of their hard work.

In high school it becomes even more of a challenge. With four kids and over twenty-one different teachers it has become more challenging to creatively thank them. This stinks because they are the ones that need the most appreciation and probably hear the least.
I do not know all of the teachers personally, because my kids are pretty good students, and I have not had much contact with them. So, what do I do?

In past years I have had a BBQ dinner for all the teachers and their families at the end of the year. This was fine in grade school and even worked through part of middle school but with twenty-one teachers and their families I do not think even my family could pull it off. So I have decided to make each teacher a meal. It fits right in with my Kari’s Kitchen and will be fairly cost-effective. I know it gets crazy for teachers in the last days of school, so I think this will be a good way to thank them and serve them as well. It will probably be rigatoni or lasagna and it will be able to be frozen if they can not enjoy it right away.

The truth is, it really does not matter what you do, just do something. These public servants work amazing hours, invest in our children, and have a huge influence on their future choices. Do not miss your chance to let them know how wonderful you think they are. If you are lacking idea’s here are a few of the things I have done. They are inexpensive but creative and get your appreciation message sent. I am sure you have many idea’s of your own. Please act on them, you would be surprised how a little appreciation helps!

I would get a bag of nuts and attach this saying:

Thanks to the great staff at PBMS who are
about teaching and serving our kids
so as parents we don’t go

I would get a Lego and a penny and attach the following:

Thank you for “building”
Our children’s future
You are worth every “Penny”
And so much more

I would get a water bottle and a package of seeds and attach the following:

“Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills, or abilities – that’s training or instruction – but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed.”
-Thomas More
Thanks for helping my child to grow

I would make Lucky Charm treats which are the same as rice crispy treats only with Lucky Charms and attach the following:

Lucky Charm Treat
for you because we are:
Lucky School
Lucky Students
Lucky Parents
Lucky Community

I am sure you get the idea by now but for this I made large heart shape sugar cookies and attached the poem:

A heart shaped cookie
Just for you!
Our appreciation
For all you do!
Hoping your taste buds
Will be delighted,
A thank you for all the
Lives you’ve ignited.
PBMS staff is the best
Enjoy your cookie
And get some rest


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