The More the World Changes the More it Stays the Same

The more the world changes the more it stays the same. Tonight I had the honor of going to Hannah’s kindergarten graduation. Hannah is the little girl I have been a part-time nanny to for five years. Hannah graduated from the same school three of my four graduated kindergarten from.

I do not understand why graduation has become such a repeated event. It was originally for college and then high school. These are momentous occasions, that should be celebrated with much pomp and circumstance. It is a huge accomplishment that deserves the recognition. I actually really like that they do kindergarten graduation. I think it is worthy of a ceremony. The amount that these kids learn, and grow in one year is remarkable. It is the pre-school, fifth grade, eighth grade, and others that I find a bit tedious and unnecessary. I think it takes away from the importance of the “real” one in my mind.

That being noted, I found myself this evening at Bear Creek Elementary, the same school, with the same tiny chairs, and the same purple construction paper graduation caps that John, Jessie, and Christian all wore. Hannah has been in a spanish immersion class that had her in class all day, not the normal half day that most kindergartner’s experience. The ceremony consisted of seven spanish songs about the days of the week, colors, months of the year etc. Her class was about half native spanish speaking and half spanish as a second language. It was awesome! Oh how I wish this had been available for my kids.  Still the ceremony was the same, they sang songs, they walked across the room to get their diploma, they got their picture taken and then waited till it was snack time.

It was actually a bit eerie to think my kids who are now 15, 15, 16, and 17 years old were ever this small, this cute, this eager to learn. I came home and found the pictures of their graduation and added Hannah’s. It is a comfort, and more than a bit nostalgic to line these up, and realize how little has changed in the ten and eleven years since my kids were here. They joy, hope, and expectation of the world being a great place is clear on all the kids faces. The pride of the parents, the teachers and lucky friends like me to witness this incredible occasion makes it truly seem worthy of the title graduation.


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A friend of mine in Colorado just posted about her son’s 5th grade “Promotion Party.” I think that’s really cool – they’re not graduating, they are promoting up to the next school. But Kinder graduation seems important – for the kids AND the parents (and all who support them both!).

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