Fill in the Blank Friday, Johnson Style: Music

Fill in the Blank Friday, Johnson Style: Music

Genre of music you listen to most often:

Christian: Hip Hop
Isaac: Rap

Music you listen to that might surprise someone else:

Christian: Pop
Isaac: Katy Perry

If you could see anyone in the world live in concert who would it be:

Christian: Drake
Isaac: Drake and Young Jeezy together singing

If you could play an instrument really well without any practice what would you choose:

Christian: Piano
Isaac: Bag Pipes or Piano

Genre of music or artist that you can not stand:

Christian: Taylor Swift
Isaac: Any girl country singer and classical

Favorite Song from Childhood:

Christian: Pick my nose and eat it
Isaac: Down by the Bay, it was cool to rhyme

The song that epitomizes your life:

Christian: “Basketball” by Little Bow Wow
Isaac: “Sky might fall” by Kid Cudi

Song that motivates me and pumps me up:

Christian: “I’m So Hood” by DJ Ichaled
Isaac: “Remember the name” by Ft. Minor

Best song to go to sleep to:

Christian “Don’t let me fall” by BoB
Isaac: “Hate sleeping alone” by Drake

Best music to blare when you are alone:

Christian: “Call me maybe” by Carly Rail Jepson
Isaac: “Mafia Music” by Rick Ross


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