Managing Mondays: Thanks for Teaching our Dork

Managing Mondays:  Thanks for Teaching our Dork

It has definitely been a Monday.  It feels like it has been non stop since I woke up at 5:45 am.  It is now 11:04pm and I am finally sitting down to write this blog.  It was a good day, sunny and beautiful but busy.  The last three days of school and I have my Lila girl full days.  Kids have finals and so it goes.  Now a day and a half away from the end of this chapter of school and work and I am ready for the change.

Last week I gave some idea’s of things to do to appreciate teachers.  I mentioned that I would be making our 22 teachers a dinner.  Yesterday the kids and Scott all pitched in as we shredded over forty pounds of pork and packaged it up for the teachers.  I wanted to put a clever saying on it to thank the teachers.  Jessie and I were coming up with a few things about food and knowledge when Scott interrupted us.  You girls are thinking way too hard.  I got this.  “ Here is some pork, thanks for teaching our dork”  Jessie and I got quite a kick out of that and decided it must be used.  I added my clever saying and this is what we ended up with.

In appreciation for your feeding our child

 knowledge all year-long,

Here is a homemade dinner 

 to send you into the summer strong


 as my husband so eloquently put it;

 “Here is some pork, thanks for teaching our dork”


Jessie and I were at the school by 7:15, after stopping at Safeway to get buns to go with the pulled pork.  I do not think I have ever seen quite so many surprised faces as when we delivered the meal and said our thanks.  It was very rewarding and also very sad as I think these high school teachers do not get thanked very often, at least not by parents.  It took about 45 minutes to deliver all of them across the school and I got home just in time to start my day with Lila.

Now as I sit in my quiet house, drinking my wine, I reflect on a day well spent.  It was busy, but the good, productive, kind of busy.  I think about the importance of education, the craziness of teaching high school students, and the wonderfully happy, and genuinely surprised  faces from a small act of kindness.  Thanks for teaching our dorks!


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