I sit down to write my blog. Isaac of course decides that this will be the perfect time to make jello pudding. He has been bugging me about getting him some for a few weeks. He loves pudding, but not the already made stuff in the to go cups . He likes the instant pudding you make with cold milk. Because Isaac, is Isaac, he can not possibly do this without talking, and making a ton of noise. I try to ignore him as I write but alas there is no way that is going to happen. I give up and change my writing to be about pudding.

I actually have a family history with pudding. When I was growing up, back in the dark ages of the early seventies there was no instant pudding. It was cook and serve. This is actually one of the things I remember my dad making at our house. I remember because he was very protective over it. He would always make vanilla, and then at just the right time he would lift the layer of film that would cover it, and add chocolate chips. We were not allowed to touch it before he had deemed it the absolute correct time to eat. Warm pudding with chocolate chips just starting to melt, that is a great sensory memory for me.

My history continues when we moved from Washington State, to Chappaqua, New York in the late seventies. My dad switched from being a college professor to working for General Foods in the research department. One of the first projects he worked on was pudding pops. These were the ice cream like popsicle, that was made out of pudding. Bill Cosby did the TV adds for them. We ate a lot of pudding pops, we talked about pudding pops, we joked about pudding pops and we were very proud that our dad could have had anything to do with something so cool as pudding pops.

Now Isaac is wondering where the whisk is and why is it is banana cream does it have the exact same coloring as vanilla. Do I really have to whisk it for two minutes? Can I over stir it? If it is instant why do we have to wait five minutes? Hey Jessie you want some? You have to clean up the mess. So mom what are you writing on? I smile and say pudding. You can write a whole blog on pudding, he asks incredulously? My answer is of course, THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING!


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