The First graduation
June 14, 2012, 9:55 pm
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I think yesterday will go down in history as one on the worst last days of school ever. What should have been a day of celebration for us as a family was not. It was stressful, and long, and ended with locking the keys in the car after driving five plus hours to my parents house with all the kids and Gus.

Today was a new day. We are in Tacoma for my nephews graduation from high school. It is the first of the grandchildren on my parents side of the family. It is the first of four years of graduation in a row. It is significant for many reasons. Clearly, that he is the first grandchild is important. Yet, the most important thing to me, is that Evan is graduating at all.

My sister Kristi, his mother, has raised him as a single mom since he was born. Although she has done an amazing job at keeping Evan’s dad involved in his life, it has been Kristi who has sacrificed over and over to make today possible. It is Kristi who has stayed up long nights, worried, stressed, and raised this incredible young man to be the amazing person he is. It is Kristi who taught him to accept himself, and others, who told him he was not a police man, but a police officer. It was Kristi who raised him as an open minded, generous, caring, outward thinking person. It was because of her love, and strength, that even when she struggled in her own personal life, Evan survived.

Evan remained strong, and flexible, as he moved in with my older sister Kathi, and her husband Scott. His senior year has been full of turmoil, but he has remained focused enough to graduate with honors, and get into the college of his dreams. This graduation is a tribute to Kristi, but also to Kathi and Scott who stepped up, and in providing stability, and hospitality to Evan when his mother was unable to do so. They chose family over convenience, providing Evan with a home, and a reliable place to land when everything seemed to be in question.

Tonight Evan graduated from High School, and a family celebrated not only his accomplishment but village that made it possible.




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Fun to see the family graduation photos! The Medcalf family is very special to us. And Evan and Isaac will forever be our favorite canal-boat-companions 🙂

Ann D.

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