Fill in the blank Friday Johnson Style: Summer

Fill in the blank Friday Johnson Style: Summer

What is the one item of clothing you can not go without in the summer?

Jessica: sun glasses
Isaac: my socks
Kari : my flip flops
Aunt Kristi: a sun dress
Gramma Janet: flip flops

What is your favorite thing about Summer?

Jessica: the sun
Isaac: hanging with friends
Kari: going to the Island
Aunt Kristi: the sun
Gramma Janet: eating outside

What do you not like about Summer?

Jessica: summer homework
Isaac: Weekly chores
Kari: Mosquitos
Aunt Kristi: Rain storms when it is warm
Gramma Janet: nothing

What is your favorite drink in the Summer?

Jessica: lemon aide and sprite mixed
Isaac: Mt Dew
Kari : Margarita
Aunt Kristi: Raspberry ice tea
Gramma Janet: lemonade ice tea mix

What is your favorite Summer so far?

Jessica: Last Summer when I was able to travel to Los Angeles, New York City and Maine.
Isaac: The summer I went to England with my grand parents and cousin
Kari: Any summer on the island
Aunt Kristi: The summer Evan and I went to Italy
Gramma Janet: Summer of our 50th anniversary



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