Managing Monday’s: Don’t wait this long

Managing Monday’s: Don’t wait this long

Mom, I know you asked us to do this before but… This is always an interesting way to start a conversation. Isaac, since school is out, and he is no longer playing basketball has found time to do some much-needed, past due, over harassed, and nagged to death about, things. He is surprisingly good at this when he wants to be, and he has the time. He has washed his car inside, and out, cleaned out his desk, office area, filled a couple of garbage bags full of things I really do not want to know about, and today tackled his room.

I came home to a huge, huge, larger than life pile of clothes, shoes, and a few items that I do not remember owning or allowing to be purchased. He had gone through the closet in the boys bedroom. Now I know three teenage boys in one room is asking for chaos, and smells you would not wish on your worst enemy. They have done extremely well navigating the tight living space, multiple personalities, and different cleanliness standards.

I have a pretty strict policy for Jessie and I when it comes to clothes. We go through at the end of winter and summer and anything we have not worn in the past year is taken out and given away. Now that I work at a clothing boutique it is even more important for me to make sure that I do not have excess. I have tried to do this with the boys as well, but clearly failed, as the mound on my living room floor proved. If I had stayed true to my model this would have been done at least twice a year with the boys as well.

As with most boys, at least in my observation they wear the same things over and over because that is what goes in the wash, and therefore that is what ends up on the floor clean, and so the cycle repeats. The same five shirts, underwear, socks, and shorts are worn over and over. Christian found things in his drawers with the tags still on. This was not because he did not want to wear them, but because he never bothered to look further than the floor or the top item in his drawer. Christian also has the habit of losing things like tooth brushes, tooth paste and we are constantly buying him new ones for the trips he takes. Today we found five toothbrushes, three tubes of toothpaste and four retainer cases.

At the end of the day it was a good cleansing process but it left me with three garbage bags of shoes, seven garbage bags of clothes. I then needed to re-sort through these clothes to determine if they were friend worthy, garage sale worthy, donation worthy or just plain garbage. The work was quadruple what it needed to be if we had stuck to the twice a year plan. I will now be going back to that with a renewed appreciation for the concept. Hey Kari’s advice is good this week; don’t wait this long!


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