Happy Summer!

I read a book yesterday. I did not quite get through the whole thing but I actually took time to read. My boys cleaned out there room yesterday, now my living room is covered with stuff they no longer need, but they actually took the time to do it. Jessie hung out with a friend at the river and did not have to worry about how late she would be up because of it. John is at a football camp. It must be Summer!

Summer, that glorious time when my life actually does move to the beat of a different drum. The time where my kids relax, and time seems to slow down. Now I know that some of you, in fact most of you, do not get a Summer Vacation anymore. Your jobs do not run on a school calendar. Yet, I know you remember. I bet you can picture yourself back in school and the incredible feeling of anticipation for that last school bell.

Summer for me means I get to go to my favorite place on earth, Mayne Island, BC. It means that though I miss them, I have only my four teenagers and not a little one to take care of. Summer means school is out, and the shuttling though it does not end, is less. Routines take on a new rhythm, and stress becomes a surprise visitor instead of the normal live in version. Summer is a gift of warm days and nights of campfires and star-gazing. I love Summer. Today, on a Tuesday, I will be taking off to see my husband in Eugene. I will have dinner with him spend the night in the trailer, enjoy an early lunch with him at the hospital and then come back. It’s Summer, I can do that!

I am so glad for Seasons. I have lived in places where the Seasons were not clearly marked by weather, it was lovely, but harder to fully immerse myself in the celebrations that were reflected by mother nature. Seasons in nature, seasons in life, and seasons of a family. It is good to remember that having four teenagers is a Season. It will not last. Scotty being away from us during the week is a Season, we will get through it. This is good to remember in hard times, for it will be over soon, and in good times, to savor each moment. If you feel like you are in the Winter, remind yourself of the Summer days and know they will come again. As the bible stated so well,”To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” For me and my family I am really thankful it is Summer!


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