One Exclamation Point!

“Mom, it’s not that big of a deal” As I was trying not to dance all over the DMV. “Chill, wait till we get to the car” “Mom, seriously, just mellow out.” I tried to stop smiling, I tried to stop texting my friends. Christian rolls his eyes, “You are more excited than me.” Yes, true, and guilty. Are you not used to that? I am usually more enthusiastic than you, are you not used to it yet? Sheepish grin, “Well, yea, well any way do you have to tell everyone? Are you going to put it on Face Book?” I look at him, he finally gets a huge grin. What do you think CJ? Can I? “You can mom but no picture, and no big deal, you can say I got my permit and you can only use one exclamation point” he concedes with a sigh.

Did he just limit me on my exclamation points? I started to laugh, wait what? Christian you are telling me how many exclamation points I can use? Again CJ rolls his eyes, and manages a definite “Yes, one means ‘yea, it’s a good thing.’ Two means ‘WOW, you did it’, and three or more means ‘ Holy Cow I thought this would never happen, you finally did it,’ ” I now am laughing hard and trying to drive and pay attention. In the mean time he gets a text from his good friend Jaylin ‘congratulations!!!’ he shows it to me and whatever semblance of controlling my mirth is gone.

It is one of the hazards my children have to deal with. I get excited, I am loud and I talk to people about my kids all the time. I mention that I now have three teenage drivers to the worker who takes Christian’s picture. “Mom, they don’t care, why do you need to tell them everything” This of course reminds me of all the times I have said this about my own mother. She too is a talker, and she would tell everyone about our lives. Sometimes, I thought her hairdresser knew more about the family than I did, and she might have.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you about my son’s great success today. He kept trying, and on his fourth attempt, got a 93%, and his long-awaited permit. It’s no big deal, no one will ever remember, or ask him how many times it took him. But maybe he will remember how proud his mom was, and always is of him. Even if she is a bit overly enthusiastic at times!!!


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Congrats Christian!

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