Fill in the blank Friday, Johnson style: Grandparents


Fill in the blank Friday, Johnson style: Grandparents

I am with both sets of Grandparents tonight after watching Christian play a couple of basketball games in the Portland area. I decided to ask them their feelings about being grand parents to our four children. They were all, very reluctant to single out any of the kids because they are all wonderful, but we came across the following questions they were willing to answer. We are so blessed to have both sets of grandparents alive and very involved in our kids lives. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing heritage of love and wisdom.

Who is the funniest of the Scott Johnson kids?

Grandpa Gale: Isaac

Grandma Ellen: Isaac

Grandpa Darrell: Isaac

Grandma Janet: well, Isaac tries hard to be the funniest so I guess Isaac

What is your favorite thing about being a grandparent?

Grandpa Gale: Watching them play sports

Grandma Ellen: The grand kids

Grandpa Darrell: You get to go home at night

Grandma Janet: Seeing them grow and change

What is a favorite place you have been with a grandchild?

Grandpa Gale: With John in Las Vegas

Grandma Ellen: In my kitchen making cookies with Jessica

Grandpa Darrell: Spangle Washington with Christian, Mexico with all the kids

Grandma Janet: The trip with Jessie to San Diego so she could swim with the dolphins

What is your favorite game to play with your grand kids?

Grandpa Gale: Hearts or Casino

Grandma Ellen: Whist

Grandpa Darrell: Cribbage

Grandma Janet: Quirkle

Name a distinct memory you have of being with the grand kids

Grandpa Gale: Christian asking every morning if he could have five fried eggs, I would say too only three. Okay he would say with a big smile

Grandma Ellen: You and Scotty were away on a trip, and it was mothers day. The kids were at our house and they made me breakfast in bed.

Grandpa Darrell: Making pancakes and eggs for the kids and wondering if I would ever be able to stop.

Grandma Janet: Watching the sun set in the summer from the light house on Mayne Island.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your grand children?

Grandpa Gale: Obey your mom and dad and take care of your grandpa and grandma

Grandma Ellen: Be honest and true to yourself

Grandpa Darrell: Take care of each other

Grandma Janet: Laugh, and do not take life to seriously


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