let me brag just a bit

I feel like it is a very interesting line to walk being a parent and a writer.  My kids have given me pretty much free rein to tell their stories from my point of view.  They have been gracious and tolerant and even helpful when I have asked for pictures or how they remember it.  I have shared some personal things about them and about our family.  When my husband, Scott, was preaching on a regular basis he would always ask their permission if he wanted to use a story about them in his sermons.  We have tried to keep the communication open and would never intentionally embarrass any of them with our renditions of our lives.


As teenagers this becomes even more tricky.  They love the attention they get.  It is fun to be written about, but because I am so honest in my portrayal of all of us, it is sometimes not easy to read, or hear about.  Sometimes, seeing it in black and white is a bit too clear to be comfortable with.  I have also not wanted this blog to become a brag fest about how great my kids are.  You know the Christmas letters you get every year, that give you the highlights of that family’s year, and the kids are amazing, the job is great, the household is beautiful and you want to throw up?


So tonight I am going against my own self imposed rules and bragging.  I am super proud of all of my kids.  The four of them have each made huge step towards maturity this year and in spite of their crazy mother may actually turn out okay.  In particular, I would like to shine the light on John and Jessica.  The two of them both pulled off a four point, or all A’s for the whole academic year.

John with his visual impairment, and perfectionist ways was often up till the wee hours of the morning getting a project or assignment done. It is hard to put into perspective just how difficult this is for him, but imagine the energy it takes you to get through a day at work or school. Now multiply that by ten, or even twenty times and you might get a glimpse of what it takes for him to navigate classrooms, hall ways, note taking, crowded spaces and social interactions.  Add to that he is a perfectionist and hates for any one to help him in any way. Then remember that he has kept a good attitude and actually been pleasant to be around.  It is truly a huge accomplishment.  Scott and I are in awe, and prouder than peacocks in heat.


Jessie as a freshman took chemistry, biology, advanced algebra 2, and the most rigorous History and English that sophomores are allowed to take.  She took Spanish 1 and added a leadership class when she was asked to be on Student Council.  Jessie then had to take a health class on-line because she had no other time in her day.  Now this alone would be pretty great for anyone to pull off but she also played three sports, was active in her youth group, and had an active social life as well.  Through it all she has maintained a great attitude, has been very helpful to both Scott and I, and rarely has any  girl, or boy, drama.


This week John finally spent the money he had been saving for two years of gift cards,  gift money, and other funds he had earned and bought himself a 32gb iPad.  Jessie who has been saving her earnings, and gift money got an iphone.  They both paid with their own money, and did not ask for us to contribute.   We honor their efforts in the classroom and as teenagers who are leaving a positive example for all to see.




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Yeah to both of them. Nice I-pad and phone. They both saved and worked for it. It will mean more to them because they earned it.


Comment by kflaker

Woohoo! Great job!!!

Comment by Ju

Brag away — these are great accomplishments for both of them. Congrats John and Jessie!!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

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