Fill In The Blank Friday, Johnson style : The Movies

Fill In The Blank Friday, Johnson style : The Movies

  1. What is your favorite movie out of each category?


Isaac- Paranormal Activity 1,2, and 3

Scott- I don’t watch them

Kari- Jaws

Jessica- Insidious


Isaac- Space Jam

Scott- Anything Pixar

Kari- Pete’s Dragon

Jessica- Any and all


Isaac- Blood Diamond

Scott- A Thin Read Line

Kari- Hotel Rwanda

Jessica- Blood Diamond


Isaac- The Expendables

Scott- Extreme Days

Kari- National Treasure

Jessica- Sahara


Isaac- What Happens in Vegas

Scott- Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

Kari- It Could Happen to You

Jessica- All of them, especially The Wedding Planner


Isaac- The Town

Scott- The English Patient

Kari- The Blind Side

Jessica- Step Up 1,2, and 3


Isaac- More than a game

Scott- Planet Earth

Kari- The Invisible Child

Jessica- The Cove


Isaac- Hangover 1 and 2

Scott- Caddy Shack

Kari- Mama Mia

Jessica- She’s the Man and Miss Congeniality


Isaac- Inception

Scott- The 6th Sense

Kari- Wizard of Oz

Jessica- Abduction

2.What is your favorite TV Show that is no longer showing?

Isaac- Prison Break

Scott- Andy Griffin

Kari- Partridge Family

Jessica- Human Target

3.What is your favorite TV Show that is currently on TV?

Isaac- Men at Work and Tosh.0

Scott- River Monsters

Kari- NCIS

Jessica – NCIS and Make it or Break it

 4.What do you eat while watching a movie?

Isaac- Sour Gummy Worms

Scott- Pizza

Kari- Whoppers

Jessica- Milk Duds

 5. Most Boring movie you parents have ever forced you to watch:

Isaac- Sea Biscuit

Scott- The Sound of Music

Kari- The Whales of Maine

Jessica- Sea Biscuit

6. Most embarrassing movie you had to watch with an adult:

Isaac- Hangover 2 with my Neighbor

Jessica- Bridesmaids with my Aunt


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