Saturday Story Time: When will I learn?

It is not as if I am unaware of the laws of physics and gravity. I usually learn from experience, especially bad ones. I have tried through my forty-four years of living to get smarter and more efficient. I pride my self on my ability to multi task, to handle un-expected difficulties, to find the humor in all situations. This past week I feel like I have been the star, director, writer, and producer of my own “Series of Unfortunate Events.”

It started with my flat-iron breaking, no big deal but also a very big deal. Next to go was my steam mop and then last Friday the morning after my son John gets home from football camp our washing machine breaks. Not any one of these things is a catastrophe. I laugh , make some comment about things happening in three’s and move on. Scott and I buy a new washer from Lowes on Saturday, and they deliver it on Monday. My friend Pete, fixes my steam mop and sends my flat-iron to curling heaven.

I start to catch up on laundry and we get flooded. I call and they come out on Tuesday to fix the brand new washer. My house now smells with the wonderful scent of boys sweaty, dirty, laundry, and damp towels I have used to mop the flooding. In the mean time I have managed to start about four projects, finish none, and tell myself that I can add one more thing to my plate. When will I learn?

Now, I have a small business where I make meals once a week and offered my customers five choices of items that I could make that would freeze easily so that I can take the month of July and part of August off. I will have them ready before the 5th of July. I kinda forget that it is now then end of June and I need to make 8 lasagna, 8 turkey manicotti, 10 teriyaki chicken, 12 Quiche and 5 chicken enchiladas. I have been buying the food, I have been aware of the deadline that I set for my self, but now it is Saturday and I have made nothing. When will I learn?

No worries I tell myself, I will make the manicotti and the lasagna today and the other items tomorrow. I start about four as Jessie had basketball games and I had other things to get done. I’ve got a pretty good system so I am feeling pretty good about getting it done, having a nice dinner with the whole family, and being able to get to bed by 10:00. When will I learn?

Everything is going well and the kids have been a huge help. We have dinner after I have made two lasagna and the eight manicotti. In the interest of time and refrigerator space I am immediately placing my meals in the freezer. I am feeling pretty good about all I have done and am just finishing the last lasagna at 9:30. A bit behind for a complete clean up by 10:00 but I will be close. I got to put the very full and heavy pans of lasagna in the freezer and realize my first of many mistakes. When will I learn?

I have had accidents in the past with placing too many pans on top of each other and spilling, leaking and generally making a mess. Isaac has told me over and over that three is the absolute limit for displacement and weight with the foil pans I use. I have stored this piece of knowledge somewhere in my brain but clearly it did not choose to be in the forefront of my head when I was putting the food in the freezer. I take two lasagnas stacked on each other and carefully move to the freezer. I open the lid with my fingers and set the pans carefully on top. The bottom one leaks a bit, and I swear as I grab a towel to wipe it off. Now I look at the others and realize we have a much bigger problem. Everything in my freezer seems to be coated with a bit of red mariana ice. When will I learn?

I lose it completely, my three boys come to the rescue. Isaac once again explains why it is not good to go against his advice of no more than three and usually two meals stacked. I empty the whole freezer, wipe everything down, shop-vac the crap out of the bottom of my chest freezer, clean off every last item, get a cooler and put all my frozen items in the cooler, re-arrange the fridge to fit the rest of the items and then re load the now clean freezer with stacks of two pans. When will I learn?

It is now 11:00, I have yet to write my blog, my kitchen is a disaster and I need a glass of wine. Thank God the washer is working so I can wash all the towels, and my mop is back working so I can mop the damn floor and now I can congratulate myself on a job far from well done but indeed done. When will I learn?


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