Managing Monday’s: Home Alone

Managing Monday’s: Home Alone

A couple of Fridays ago I wanted to do my fill in the blank Friday on what happens when the kids stay at home overnight alone. My kids told me that it was a stupid thing to do because everything is the same. They do the do the same stuff whether we are their or not. They watch movies, play video games, and hang with friends. The major difference according to Isaac is that no one is nagging.

This has been the first year we have felt comfortable leaving the kids by themselves and not farming them out to other families. Isaac is seventeen, John is sixteen, Christian and Jessie are fifteen. We still would not leave them more than a couple nights and of course I have friends, neighbors and other spies,I mean loving people who are keeping an eye out for them. We trust them and the space away from each other is rejuvenating for us all.

The timing for this is a very personal, and familial decision. As parents we need to be comfortable with their maturity level and responsibility so as to set them up for success, and make it a winning combination for all involved. This is a different age for every kid and every family. Even this two night trip, Jessie decided to spend with a friend instead of kicking it with her brothers. John could probably go weeks without us around and thrive and Christian does not like us to be gone for more than two nights at a time.

For me the break is especially nice because it gives me much needed time alone with Scott. We are blessed to have four teenagers we trust with our home, and each other. I think it is important for their independence and maturity to know that they can eat, play, and get a list of things done without us setting the time frame. The time is coming very soon when they will be on there own and not have the safety net of us coming home to save the day, or bring down the hammer.

I know there are some parents who would never leave their kids un supervised and I honor that choice as well. As for Scott and I we will take this time away and enjoy being together, knowing our kids are capable and willing to take care of themselves. We have all earned it.



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