A five-star hotel and steak dinner, any questions?

Tonight at Midnight 34 youth and 6 adults will embark on a journey to Washington, DC to witness life in the big city, to engage in service to the community, and to explore the intersection of faith and government. 

Pray for us and with us, that our eyes will be open to all that God is doing in the lives of these young people and adults, as well as the people in Washington, DC and around the world.

This was the post yesterday on Facebook. Jessie, our fifteen year old daughter, left with her youth group on a trip to Washington, DC for nine days.  Her youth group is called the Bend Youth Collective which has the mission statement:

3 Churches-1 Community, 3 Traditions-1 Faith, 3 Histories-1 Future

It is a High School and a Middle School Youth Group made up of youth from  Nativity Lutheran, First Presbyterian and Trinity Episcopal churches.  Just the high school group is going on the trip. This is Jessie’s second trip with the group.  Last year she and John went with this collective to L0s Angles.  The year before John went to San Francisco.

Having been on the planning and coordination of trips like this with Scott when he was a youth pastor and before that working for Young Life, I know what it takes to pull off a trip involving this many people.  It is a logistical challenge to say the least.  It is nice to send a child knowing they will be taken care of, but not having to be the person responsible.

One of the unique things about this particular group is that the kids do not know anything about the trip.  There is no itinerary, no daily plan that hey are told about.  If they ask where they are staying the answer is a five-star hotel, if they ask what or when there next meal is the get the standard reply is steak at 7:00.  They are not allowed to have their cell phones, no electronic devices other than music when they are on the plane or bus.

I love this, but I miss my girl.  I am confident she is going to have an amazing, eye-opening, fantastic time.  I am proud of her as she had to raise money to go, and worked hard to have this opportunity. I love that the group is a combination of churches and traditions.  I love that she will be able to explore the nation’s capital, and also serve people in the communities there.  These youth are a part of our future, and knowing what they are doing makes me feel like the future looks pretty bright.


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