Fill in the blank Friday Johnson Style: Love and Marriage
July 6, 2012, 4:49 pm
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Fill in the blank Friday Johnson Style:  Love and Marriage

Jessie is out of town and it is just the boys home and so I thought it would be an ideal time to ask them their thoughts about love and marriage.  It was a very funny and enlightening conversation.  Christian was not at all sure he would want to get married, because that is a long time to be with the same person.  When it came to attributes, Isaac was the first to answer with household chores.  When we asked John if his wife needed to be a cook he said no, thats what restaurants are for.  Isaac is seventeen, John is sixteen and Christian fifteen, so far there has been no serious or really any girlfriends of any kind.

1.  Do you want to get married?

Isaac: Someday, well, yea, I mean who doesn’t?

John: Eventually

Christian: Yes but after I date a lot.


 2. What age do you think you will get married?

 Isaac: late 20’s

John: In my 30’s

Christian: before I am 60


 3.  What is the most important attribute you look for after appearance?

 Isaac: She needs to cook

John: Well rounded

Christian: Sense of humor/ understand sports


4.  What would be your ideal date?

Isaac: Dinner

John: A Super Bowl party

Christian: Dinner and a movie or a sporting event


 5. List three or four things you are looking for in a girlfriend/wife

Isaac: Cook, looks, sense of humor and a willingness to clean

John: Athletic, intelligent, good looking

Christian: Good looking, sense of humor, nice, and an athlete


6.  Where will you take her on your honeymoon?

Isaac: Jamaica

John: Brazil or Jamaica

Christian: Somewhere tropical


7.  Who in the family do you think will get married first

Isaac: Jessie

John: Jessie

Christian: Jessie


8.  Who do you think will be the last to marry?

Isaac: John

John: Me

Christian: John


9.  How many children do you want, if any?

Isaac: 2

John: 1 or 2

Christian: 2 or 3 no girls


10. Who do you think will cook more?

Isaac: Duh? that would be my wife

John: my wife

Christian: 50/50


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