Day one on the Island



Day one on the Island

I awoke to the sound of a ferry horn, and sunshine streaming through the trees outside my window. I rolled over and was surprised to see that it was seven. I texted with my sweet husband and then I rolled over again and was back asleep for another hour. Vacation has begun.

Besides being here at the cabin to soak up the extra hours of sleep, restore my state of mind and read a few books, the boys and I have quite a few projects to accomplish. For about twelve years we have had an amazing woman living in the cabin. She stayed rent free but was responsible for the up keep of the house, and needed to find somewhere else to stay when our family would use it. It was a win-win situation and Tina became a very important part of our family.

In December of 2011 she moved to a new home that she and her friend/ love interest/ past roommate built together on the island. Tina is an artist and a bit of a free spirit. She was also a pack rat and the house was stuffed corner to ceiling with books, artifacts, art being worked on, art finished, and art abandoned for another time. She had been given the bigger of the two bedrooms, and of course most of the cabinets and drawers, as we were only there 8 weeks out of the whole year. She also had furniture and knickknacks of her own which made the cabin a bit cramped for space.

This is my first trip to the cabin after she has moved out. I get the honor of making it the Medcalf home once more. I get to pick out what of my grandmas pictures we want to hang, where the furniture will go and create the spirit of our ancestors while bringing it into the twenty-first century. I am thrilled.

I started in the back bedroom where we have put most of our stuff. When my grandma died, my sisters and I did a huge clean up, go through the house, have a garage sale thing. What we have left is a small smattering of china, art, books and memorabilia. Still it takes time to go through, clean up, dust off, and decide what we want to keep and what we are willing to give away. Not to mention the drawers full of pictures, slides, and letters we chose not to deal with earlier.

It feels good to be productive and we did get the back room done. The book-case that had been ready to fall down was taken out thanks to my handy and strong boys. The queen bed was moved into the bigger empty bedroom, and things rearranged to make room for the twin beds that have been ordered. I sorted through thousands of pictures and though it was difficult threw out the vast majority. My biggest suggestion for all you photographers out there is labeling people, giving specific dates, and location are by far the most important thing you can do for anyone who loves you.

I’d say it was a productive day, still made it to the beach for Gus to chase his ball and Isaac to show off his rock skipping talent. The more physical work is coming but today I celebrate the gift of having the home be the Medcalf Passview in a more physical form than it has in a long, long, time




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