The Island day 2: communication



I have always felt when on the island time seems to slow down. It takes on a surreal atmosphere and moments become memories right before my eyes. We have no phone and in order to post my blog I go to the library and sit outside where I can pick up the wireless signal. There is one spot on the island which faces the United States where if I stand in just the right place I get my Sprint signal and can make phone calls from my
phone without it costing me for an international call. I tried to Skype with Scott last night but the signal was not strong enough and we kept freezing up.

This is wonderful in so many ways, it forces me off the grid and be present in the moment. We can text without any extra cost so that is the bulk of our communication. About 4:30 this afternoon after the boys had worked on the deck, my dad had arrived and I was taking a small nap my phone beeped with the following text: “Jessie just called and her knee is messed up. She does not think she can do NBC camp. We need to let them know and make alternate plans. How can we get her to the island ? I’m sad for her but she is having an amazing time.” My text back was “Shit.”

Jessie is our youngest of the four kids. She is our only girl. She is with her youth group on a trip to DC. Jessie called before I got to the Canadian border on Sunday to say she had tweaked her knee, but she was icing it and taking Advil and would be fine. That may have been true if she was home and being taken care of by her doting parents but since she was on the other side of the country I told her to suck it up, stick it out and have as much fun as possible. The leaders told me she was being a trooper and they were doing everything possible to help her to rest it. The problem is they walk everywhere, and they are putting about ten to fifteen miles a day on their feet as they have no other transportation. They are trying to get her a wheelchair whenever possible but…

Now I am in Canada, I have a child that is hurt on the other side of another country and no easy way to communicate with her. I talk it through with my dad, come up with a plan and go to the beach where I can call Scott. It of course can all be worked out. I got the chance to talk to Jessie and she truly is having the time of her life. It hurts her but she can not fully rest it and thinks basketball camp might be a bit much. We laugh a bit and I am soothed by her voice and saddened by the maturity in it. Jessie wants to stay the rest of the week, she will try not to push it too hard and she can rest when she gets here.

Now the sun is setting as I sit on the base of the light house of day number two on the island. I listen to my three teenage boys laugh and call to each other as they race across the rocks and throw the tennis ball for Gus. Life is never quite the way we plan it. Thank God.








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