Fill in the Blank Friday Johnson Style: Sports


Fill in the Blank Friday Johnson Style: Sports

I am on the island with my three boys and my dad and so once again my fill in the blank is all about the male point of view. It kinda cracked me up that as I asked these questions the brothers would try to guess what the other would say and had a hard time coming up with one answer. “Ooh that’s a hard one” they would laugh and say one thing, then switch their answer then back, then think of someone, or something else.

What is your favorite sport to play?

Isaac: Basketball
John: Football
CJ: Basketball
Gpa D: Golf

What’s your favorite sport to watch on TV?

Isaac: Pro football and Pro basketball
John: Pro football
CJ: College football and basketball
Gpa D: College basketball

What is your favorite sport to watch in person?

Isaac: Basketball because you can get close to the action
John: Football
CJ: College football
Gpa D: grand kids sports

If you could meet one sportscaster who would it be?

Isaac: Charles Barkley
John: Jeff Van Gundy, Chris Berman
CJ: Kirk Herbstreet, Brad Nessler
Gpa D: Dick Vitale

If you could meet one athlete who would you choose?

Isaac: Lebron James/Ray Lewis
John: Derek Rose/ Tim Tebeau
CJ: Stephan Currry/ Russel Russbrook
Gpa D: Drew Brees

Favorite college football and basketball teams

Isaac: FB = Oregon State Beavers BB = University of Tennessee Volunteers
John: FB = University of Florida Gators BB = University of Florida Gators
CJ: FB = University of Texas Longhorns BB = University of North Carolina Tarheels
Gpa D: FB = university of Oregon Ducks. BB = Gonzaga University Bull Dogs

What is a sport you have never played but would like to?

Isaac: Lacrosse
John: bike the tour de France
CJ: Golf
Gpa D: Ice Hockey

What X-Games or Olympic event would you do if you could?

Isaac: Luge
John: Big Air Motor Cross
CJ: Half Pipe Snowboarding
Gpa D: Bobsledding

What is the most embarrassing or funniest thing that has happened to you while playing a sport?

Isaac: In sixth grade shot a basket for the opposing team.
John: I tackles an official on my way to tackle my guy.
CJ: I was at a basketball tournament on an Indian reservation and with a full crowd I air balled a free throw.
Gpa D: I was in graduate school playing on a golf team and I hit a ball into a tree and it needed up behind me.

What is your proudest moment so far in your sporting career

Isaac: I was sick a lot this season and so when I came back to play they had me on the bench. In my first game back off the bench I scored more than any other player and got my starting position back.
John: Dead lifting 330 pounds
CJ: Coming back from a 20 point deficit at half to lead my tam to a win by one and I had my high score of 34 points.
Gpa D: being chosen to be All League football as a junior in high school




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