Day six on my Island, My cup runneth over


As I enjoy another sunset on my island I am overcome to the point of tears. It has been a perfect day and my heart is full. My sister and her husband who have not been here for many years sit in front of the lighthouse while my three teenage boys jump from log to log, and rock to rock, trying to out run our dog Gus. They push, shove, and scare each other, try to be King of the rock and basically act like the kids they are. It is a freedom the island offers that is like no other place I have ever been.

We have just had dinner at the oldest building on the Island. The Spring Water Lodge. It sits just above the main public dock with flowers overflowing and a perfect view of the ferry’s passing through. It is a long-standing tradition to have dinner here once while we are on the island. We sit on the deck and enjoy good food while laughing and watching the activity on the dock and water. It is extra special because the last time Kathi was here was for my grandmother’s funeral. We sat on this very deck and drank a toast to one of the most amazing women in our lives.

Before dinner we had been sorting through pictures at the house. History captured of lives well lived and a how a house became a home. As I have moved so often in my life, this is the one place that has remained constant since I was born. This is my true north. To share this place with family and friends is a highlight of my life. It is like gathering all the people I love and giving them a piece of my heart. If I can share my island, I can give away the best of who I am, I can share the beauty and joy that fills my soul and in giving it away, my cup runneth over.







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