Whimsical Wednesday: Day Ten on Mayne Island


Whimsical Wednesday: Day Ten on Mayne Island

We continue to spiff up our cabin and today the boys finished the deck. It was a huge project that took a ton of back-breaking labor, intense scrubbing and gross by-product that filled the brushes. It looks Fantastic! The added but most important benefit is safety as we will no longer slip and fall if the deck is even slightly wet. A special thanks to Uncle Bubba who went above and beyond to get us the product we needed to finish the job we started.

I have decided that the hardware store here is a bit like the apple commercial for apps. You walk in and describe your need, anywhere from plumbing to a dog brush and they say “Oh, I’ve got just the thing” or “We have the ______ to fix that.” Need a patch for your air mattress? How about a cake pan? Advice on what to plant? “If we do not have it we can order it, but that will take a while, as this is an island eh?” “I am sure you can do it, just come on back if you have any questions.”

My sister Kristi left today and the whales greeted her at the ferry terminal to bring her safe travels. The kids are up playing tennis and I sit down at the library finishing my blog to the background of three elderly people playing African drums. It makes no sense and yet makes perfect sense. The ferry sounds off in perfect timing and another day has come to an end.







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