Fill in the blank Friday Johnson style, miscellaneous

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Fill in the blank Friday Johnson style, miscellaneous

What is your biggest fear?

Isaac: getting trapped where no one can hear me
CJ : Snakes
Jessie: Disappointing people and chickens
John: Nothing really
mom: something terrible happening to one of my kids

If you could cure a disease what would it be?

CJ: Cancer
Isaac: The Black Plague
John: Aids
Jessie: Polio
Mom: malaria

If you could have a super power what one would you choose and why?

Isaac: Mind reading so I can know what the teacher is looking for in his question and listen to the smartest kid in the class on a test.

CJ: Invisibility, so I can be invisible, because I can do stuff without people knowing

mom: teleportation, so I can travel to my favorite places any time I want, and can kiss my husband goodnight no matter where he is.

John: x-ray vision, so I will always know what is in front of me

If you could be an animal what would you be?

Isaac: An Orca whale or a Peregrine Falcon

CJ: A Blue Whale

Jessie: a Dolphin

mom: duh, a Sea Otter

If you had to live in a major city somewhere in the United States where would it be?

Isaac: Miami

CJ : Seattle

Jessica: LA

mom: NYC

What country besides the USA would you be willing to spend the rest of your life in?

Isaac: England

CJ: Canada

Jessie: Great Britain

Mom: Australia

Favorite event of the Summer Olympics:

Jessie: Girls gymnastics and synchronized Diving

Isaac and CJ: basketball and Women’s Beach Volley Ball

Mom: Swimming

before this summer is over I will…

Isaac: Have a job

CJ: Help someone in need

Jessie: Do my summer homework

Mom: Float the Deschutes River


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