August 23, 2012, 10:22 am
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Did you really just say that? These are the words out of my mouth and in my mind over and over again. I know that he is bright, I know he likes to lure me into his antics to get a reaction, I know he thinks he is funny and clever. I know these things, and still I ask, did he really just say that? Isaac is trying harder than ever to prove the theory of why animals eat their young. I texted a few friends over the last few weeks asking if they would come visit me in jail after I suffocated him in his sleep. Maybe Scott could be a jail chaplain instead of a hospital chaplain. Sarcasm continues to be my survival technique, and I have needed it.

We have just gotten back from close to a month of non stop togetherness. On the island we have every meal together, and do not have much time alone. I love it, it is the epitome of family time. Still, when we get back we all need a bit of our own space. Jessie, John and Christian have soccer and football workouts. Isaac has nothing. Jessie and John actually have summer homework to get done. Isaac has nothing. When Isaac has nothing we are all in trouble.

I have been working quite a bit at the boutique my friend owns. I usually work afternoons into the evening. A couple of weeks ago, a few days after we had been home, Isaac called me at work. Our policy is to text unless it is an emergency. Isaac’s cell phone screen is cracked(for the third time) so he can not read his texts. He calls me at 6:30pm and asks what is for dinner. This is an emergency? I tell him it is FFY which in our family means “fend for yourself”. I hang up. Five minutes later he calls again, “Mom, in the future if it’s going to be FFY can you please give me more advance notice?” Did you really just say that?

I get home and find Isaac at the kitchen counter eating cereal. I smile and say; Isaac, on Tuesday I will be going to Eugene to be with your dad. It will be a FFY night. Without skipping a beat, he says “Mom, that’s so far away can you tell me when it’s a bit closer?”


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