Cemeteries and Celebrations
October 10, 2018, 11:51 am
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This is my incredible daughter. This mamma is so proud of this beautiful vulnerable blog.

Jessica's Journey


Today is my 5th day in Cusco, Peru, and the amount of buildings I have seen, emotions I have felt, people I have met, museums I have explored, and adventures I have taken seems crazy. I thought about writing a blog post earlier, about everything that has happened in these 5 days, but it would just be a laundry list of items (I’m happy to email this to you if you want it), but I didn’t feel truly inspired to share anything until today.

After Spanish lessons, the school offers optional activities if you want to sign up for them. Today, the adventure was a tour of the town on the way to a cemetery in Cusco. We walked through the city, about 25 minutes to the cemetery, talking with our guide Borris, about Cusco, about learning Spanish, and a little about life. When we got to the cemetery, he…

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